Homemade Yoghurt

Homemade Yoghurt

Makes: 2 liter | Prep Time: 15 min | Cooking Time: 1 day | Total time: 2 day 15 min | Chilling time 1 day


  • Small tub of plain Yoghurt (I prefer Creek Yoghurt)
  • 2 Liter Milk  - Any milk work


  1. Keep 1 cup milk seperate
  2. Cook milk over meduim heat for 7 min
  3. Cool milk down till you can hold your finger in for 10 sec
  4. Mix the cup of milk and tub of yoghurt
  5. Stir gentle in the heated milk.
  6. If you are going to use a different container for storing the yoghurt now is the time to transfer it.
  7. The yoghurt need to incubate overnight - 10 to 12 hours. (95 - 115 degrees)
  8. Higher temperature will kill the culture and lower temp will prevent it from setting
  9. Once incubated you need to transfer it to the refrigerator.
  10. Using a new dish cloth / cheesecloth press down and leave on yoghurt this will suck up the whey
  11. Dry out and repeat.
  12. You could also use a bigger cheesecloth to strain the yoghurt.

Enjoy with cereal, honey or see our favourite Yoghurt Cheese Cake 

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