These photos are a glimpse of our beautiful surroundings

Hi, I am Karin Foster. This is our personal blog. Living on a remote farm in South Africa. I sort of keep this for a memory journal and to inform friends and family what we are up to.  I am super excited that you are on this page.

I am by no means a guru or even an extraordinarily clever person. But what I am is a very passionate person about almost everything in my life. And I am so thankful for that, as it has helped me through many a difficult and lonely day.

You see I am a girl, a wife, sometimes struggling to cope with remote living.  Yet having survived 13+ years and making many mistakes, but I have also learned many things in the process.

I need to tell you about my blog name as it really tells you all about myself. If you know me in real life you will know that I often refer to thinking in Butterflies, and yes everything I do, I can in some or other way depicted the life cycle of a butterfly in it or in a beautiful picture of one as well.

2020  brought me to the place in life I realized that I have been far too long a caterpillar living in isolation in a cocoon on a small green leaf. So it is time to use my Wings and become the butterfly I am meant to be and touch other lives especially those in the community.

The economy and political crises in South Africa has had dire effects on rural towns. |We are witnessing the rapid backsliding of our beloved towns as businesses go out of business and people are losing their jobs.

I feel I have come out of my cocoon and within days I will have the ability to fly. I now have the vision, passion, and desire. Thus what I am after is the needed household income to not only change our lives, but the ripple effect of touching other people's lives.

We do have such talented people around us.

Not living in the main hub of the cities we all can still be creative. Especially in recycling and making crafts.  Once I have the finances and the time which the business is going to give me, I will be actively involved in community projects.

Stay tuned in on my blog.


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